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Kim Morrison is a Women’s Empowerment Leader and Spiritual Guide. Her own healing and spiritual journey called her to transition from an early career as a Chartered Accountant to helping women heal so they did not have to go through life with the same baggage. She has used her PhD in Women’s Studies and 10 years of teaching at the University level to develop her signature The Awakened Woman JourneyTM  to Skyrocket your confidence and build healthy loving relationships with God, yourself and others.

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction encourages you to explore your relationship with God. Sometimes our connection to Spirit gets lost in our ordinary lives or when times get tough.

In Spiritual Direction you will have someone who cares deeply enough to listen to you with respect, compassion and acceptance so you can tune into your own inner wisdom and spiritual guidance.


Coaching supports you to move toward what you want in your life with confidence. Sometimes we can feel stuck or unsure.

In Coaching you will figure out where you are and where you would like to be, uncover what is holding you back and be supported to create lasting change.

Contemplative Healing & Wellness

Contemplative Healing and Wellness is a holistic approach to life centered in a deep connection to a power greater than you. This can be God, the Universe, Spirit, Nature, or a Higher Power of your understanding. Confidence and relationships skyrocket as your spirit awakens.

    Kim Morrison, PHD

    Women’s Empowerment Leader &
    Spiritual Guide


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