Testimonials - Anew – Contemplative Wellness Services


FREE from Anger. I came to Kim in a bad, troubled state. I was struggling with personal issues, trying to understand myself better and wanting to feel more connected to God. Kim helped me find my own answers. I really appreciate when we meet because when I talk to her I hear my own thought process out loud and she helps me see a new and different way to deal with things. She challenged me to confront stuff I did not want to confront but really needed to. I have always been a survivor but now I am out of crisis mode and have greater peace in my life. I feel at a calm place and my reactions and responses are calmer. My relationships are better and I am FREE from anger. I gained a much greater awareness of where I fit in life’s bigger picture. Lisa

FREEDOM from old baggage. My boss referred me to Kim because I was having panic attacks at work on a temporary contract. I had to hide out until I could face people and my job was to meet with women in distress! I was suffering from social anxiety and was scared to be in groups and meet people. I was also scared of flying. I had an opportunity to go to Australia for a huge conference but I was sure I’d be too afraid to go. Kim helped me feel confident in myself. We got to the root of my panic attacks and fear of flying and got rid of that old baggage. I practiced feeling and acting like the host at events and making conversation until it became natural and I felt safe and secure flying. I got to go to Australia and mingled like a pro! I moved onto an even better job and love helping people. Sydney

More CONFIDENCE. I was suffering from Imposter Syndrome – lacking confidence and never thinking I was good enough. I was doing a lot of stuff and not taking enough care of myself so I was really burnt out. I was just starting out in self-employment and figuring out what I wanted to focus on, how to choose and how to manage my time and energy. Kim definitely built my confidence. I still use an affirmation we came up with together. We had a lot of deep conversation and I was given a lot of permission to explore confidence and what it meant to me. I had a lot of doubts and got lots of permission and encouragement that it was okay to build myself up. I had counselling before but this was different – I was taking time on a regular basis to focus on my whole self, including work. Having someone who understood my work life and took time to look at it with me was so helpful. I now have strategies for integrating self-care in my life all the time and my life is more balanced. I trust now that I can figure out my next steps and solve problems, either on my own or with Kim. I am MORE CONFIDENT and have tools to keep building on that! Tracey

My DREAMS Came True. I was really codependent, reactive and a people pleaser and it was really affecting my family. I had a difficult relationship with my daughter and my granddaughter had developed an addiction. Kim helped with so many things. Kim supports me to love my family without enabling them or hurting myself. I quit ignoring my needs and started getting them met in a different way. When I’m being codependent Kim gives me the best nonjudgmental feedback so I recognize my behaviour and can look at it – see it for what it is – understand the action and where it is coming from. I’m not as hard on myself – no longer blaming myself for everything. I always feel better after our sessions, Kim empathizes and gives me an action I can put into play and do something to make things better. I can see a future, a life, for myself. I’m not so tangled up in my family’s problems. I still love them but my load is lighter because I’m not carrying the world on my shoulders. Even at work I was always needing approval but Kim helped me stand up to a negative mentor and I went for my DREAMS and succeeded. Debbie

TRUE to who I AM. Before I met Kim I was having trouble loving myself and I was pretty mean to myself. I couldn’t trust others either. I suffered from codependency – one-sided relationships, anxiety, not knowing how I felt and lots of fears. Kim helped me identify my feelings and have a relationship with my Higher Power. That’s a big one! I now see that I’m equal to other people and that I’m valuable. I’ve learned how to trust and trust the right people. I feel more true to who I am. More AUTHENTIC and more accepting of myself and others. I understand that my feelings are like signposts. They are important and valuable to look at but not something that can control me. I have more FREEDOM. I went back to school and found a CAREER. I’ve faced fears and done things I wouldn’t have tried to do before. Shannon